Tokarara Location Profile

Tokarara Location Profile
Tokarara Location Profile


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Tokarara has seen massive development in the area particularly after the Koura Freeway was completed in 2018, connecting the suburb to Downtown Port Moresby by a short 5 minute drive. Mostly a residential suburb, there has been recent investment in the area with the new Tango SuperMarket opening up replacing the old supermarket which burned down years before. You will find a mixture of colonial built homes and newer timber or brick homes as the suburb has seen extensions to existing roads in the area. 

Although property value in the area has increased greatly over the last decade, prices continue to remain attractive for first home owners or investors with a high demand for rental properties in the area given its geographical location close to Waigani and Downtown Port Moresby. 

Things To Do in Tokarara

Similar to the suburb of Gerehu, Tokarara received renewed interest for commercial investments in the area after the opening of the Koura Freeway resulting in property investment in the area. Tango Supermarket built in 2019 now caters for the majority of shopping in the area with a fully stocked supermarket on the ground floor while the clothing shop upstairs supplies the uniforms for schools in Tokarara and nearby suburbs. 

An fresh food market is found on the side of the Koura Freeway next to the Tokarara Supermarket and there is potential for more shopping centres to open in the area as investors look towards purchasing property in the area. 

Aside from the main Tokarara Bakery and Tango Supermarket along the Koura Freeway, you will find many small convenience stores in the area that offer street style food with barbeque type foods or bakeries along Rakatani and Dikagari Roads which provides convenience to residents not looking to travel to the supermarket or nearby Waigani for a quick meal. With many residents fitting the lower middle class category in the area, there aren't any restaurants in the area however being closely located to Waigani, you will find many restaurants, cafes and food outlets only 5-10 minutes from Tokarara.

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