Rainbow Estate Location Profile

Rainbow Estate Location Profile
Rainbow Estate Location Profile


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Rainbow Estate is located before the main suburb of Gerehu and consists of parks, campuses and shopping centres including the Stop N Shop on Waigani Drive, BMBN Hardware and Puma Service Station which offers various food outlets. This suburb has mostly medium sized high post timber frame homes built post independence and is ideal for families enrolling to either unversity or schools in the area. There are housing developments in the area including Kenamu Estate located on the hillside offering land packages with panoramic views. 

The Port Moresby Nature Park (formerly Botanical Gardens) is a popular weekend outing for families, where you can find cassowaries and other wild life within the park among beautiful natural flora and fauna. 

Next door to the Nature Park is the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) which offers a large campus expanding out towards the back road linking Morauta and Gerehu together. 

Key Information

The majority of Rainbow Estate is surrounded by undeveloped land, with majority in the area reserved for the UPNG campus however the university hasn't had any noticeable expands to the campus and has seen some portions get leased out for services including service stations or housing developments. 

Things To Do in Rainbow Estate

The suburb is developing and showing new outlets in the area including the new Buffalo Burger outlet within the Puma Service Station. Stop N Shop Rainbow offers a few small eateries for a quick snack or pastery. 

With Waigani Drive passing through Rainbow Estate, many major bus routes pass through the suburb catering also for the suburb of Gerehu. 

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