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  • 1Understand loan options
  • 2Choose the right loan
  • 3Meet the criteria
  • 4Choose the right bank
  • 5Visit the bank
  • =Apply for a loan
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About Financing

Investing in real estate is a significant step, often representing a major personal and financial commitment. Owning property brings benefits like comfort, security, and a sense of pride for families. However, most individuals need financial support to realize their property ownership goals. This highlights the importance of selecting an appropriate loan and a reliable financial partner. Hausples collaborates with leading financial institutions in Papua New Guinea to provide easy access to various loan options for prospective property buyers. Whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or seeking a property for investment purposes, this page offers valuable insights into the different available options, processes, and eligibility criteria. It serves as a guide to help you connect directly with your preferred banking institution for further assistance.

Choose the loan type that best suits you

Standard Home Loan
Covers a significant portion of the property value.
Flexible loan term options, typically up to 20 years or longer.
Monthly repayments may vary with fluctuating interest rates.
First Home Loan Schemes
Borrow up to K500,000 at 4% over 40 year term
Requires a minimum 10% deposit.
Available exclusively to PNG citizens.
Suitable for new property purchases or construction.
Fixed Rate Home Loan
Offers predictability with a fixed interest rate for a specified period.
Borrowers know their exact monthly repayments during the fixed rate period.
Moves to variable rate after a period of time
Investment Loan
Tailored for property investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio.
Option to rent out the property for additional income.
Can be obtained with both fixed and variable interest rates.

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