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Insuring with Capital Insurance & Hausples and Capital Insurance Group have started their partnership right after the Pandemic at the start of 2022 to offer property seekers one of the best insurance services in PNG.

Capital Insurance is the lastest insurance company in the South Pacific and has been in operations for almost 26 years with more than 100,000 happy customers across PNG, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu and Solomon Island. The company is known for providing free quotes at a turnaround of less than 24 hours offering claim guarantee to its customers.

Capital Insurance services include home, motor, business and life insurance, but they also partner with medical service providers and hold wellness programs reinforcing their motto of “more than just insurance”. Get in touch with them today by clicking on the button below to know more!

Start by selecting an insurance option

Home Insurance
  • Home, contents, valuables, liability
  • Insure content in rental properties
  • Claim guaranteed under conditions
Motor Insurance
  • Protect your car agianst damage and theft
  • Comprehensive and third party insurance
  • Claims processed in 10 days
Life Insurance
  • Termi life & critical illness
  • Medical & disability
  • Loan protection insurance
Business Insurance
  • Material damage to your business
  • Casualties and safety
  • Personal accidente while overseas

Looking for a different insurance options?

Not a problem, we’re here to help you finding the right insurance option for you. Simply click on the button below to submit your requirements and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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Frequently asked questions

What does home insurance cover?
This policy is made up of various insurance options:

Home, contents, Personal Valuables, Liability to others and Workers Compensation for domestic employees.

Can I take out a home insurance on the property I am renting?
Yes. However, this only covers your contents, and not the house.
What if decide to do some maintenance to my house, will my house and its contents still be insured?
You must first advise CIG before doing any maintenance to the house. The cost must not be more than K5000.00 (labor included).
Under which circumstances can my claim be rejected?
If whatever that is being claimed for falls under the policy's exclusions, it is likely to be rejected.
What are some of the proper documentations required when submitting a claim?
The proper documentations required are police report, fire authority report, photos, repair quote, and the claim form
Motor Vehicle
Does motor vehicle insurance cover me as well or just my vehicle?
It only protects your vehicle.
What are some of the proper documentations required when submitting a claim?
  • Claim form
  • Police report
  • Two repair quotes from different dealers
  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of road worthiness
  • Driver’s license
  • Drivers’ statement
Are there different types of Car Insurance?
Yes, we have a Comprehensive and Third-Party Property as our other type of car insurance only.
Under which circumstances can my claim be rejected?
Your motor vehicle claims will be rejected if the driver of your vehicle is an unlicensed driver, driving under the influence of alcohol, or if loss happens outside of the policy period.
What is the average time for a claim to be processed?
It would take 10 days if all the documents are provided.