Gerehu Location Profile

Gerehu Location Profile
Gerehu Location Profile


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Located in the far North East of Port Moresby, the suburb of Gerehu is largely a residential suburb on the outskirts of the city that has catered for the lower middle class workers and families. Being one of the larger suburbs in Port Moresby, it is subdivided into stages ranging from 1 - 7. The township of Gerehu offers smaller amenities including small supermarkets, schools and fresh food markets. 

With the connection to access roads including the Sivari-Baruni Road, there have been signs of development in the area with businesses purchasing land for warehousing since the main Port Moresby wharf was moved to Motukea.

In 2019, a local manufacturer opened up Mosin Plaza which has gained popularity for offering a wide range of products for the residents of Gerehu and nearby suburbs. 

Key Information

Being located in the far north of Port Moresby, Gerehu caters for the lower middle class workers with many blue collar workers residing here and working at the local warehouses mostly found around Taurama Ave and Nigibata Road. The Sivari-Baruni road between Gerehu and Baruni received an upgrade in 2018 connecting the main Port Moresby wharf to Waigani Drive. The has resulted in more businesses relocating their warehouses to Gerehu and signs of investment in the area with Mosin Plaza opening up in 2019. 

Both the buy and rental market here is towards the lower end with most standalone homes available to rent under the K1000 a week range. There is great potential for development in the area and new home owners in the area are looking to renovate or develop new properties as the city continues to expand further outside of Waigani.   


Things To Do in Gerehu

Gerehu offers many small supermarkets along Gerehu Drive including the old Gerehu Shopping Centre which used to have one of PNG’s first cinemas in the 70s to 80s. As Gerehu is gradually expanding on the outskirts of the suburb, new shops and food outlets are appearing including the Mosin Plaza just off the Nigibata Road. Mosin Plaza offers quality shopping for residents in Gerehu and also attracts visitors from other parts of the city with its range of locally manufactured products. In 2021, Mosin Plaza introduced the only known Eastern European restaurant currently in the city - Moscow Restaurant, offering a different taste for the pallets of city residents.

Waigani Drive connects Gerehu to the rest of Port Moresby and is the main route for the daily commute to work for the majority. Newly developed roads have linked Gerehu to the Napa Napa Road which leads to either Downtown Port Moresby or Motukea Wharf on the East. The Keni-Vani Road links Gerehu directly to 9 Mile and Morata and currently provides an alternative route to the congested Waigani Drive. 

Bus Routes No.7 and 9 run daily between Gerehu, Waigani and Gordons. 

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