6 Mile Location Profile

6 Mile Location Profile
6 Mile Location Profile


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6 Mile is also referred to as Saraga and is mostly an industrial suburb with some residential areas and potential for new developments. Being the first suburb for travellers coming from the Magi Highway, you can find hardware stores, wholesale shops and manufacturers here including Cash & Carry, Monier Ltd, Montina Construction, Ideal Hardware and Pacific Industries.

Gateway Hotel and Apartments, Hideaway Hotel and Airways Hotel offer convienient airport hotel options for travellers looking to pass through Port Moresby. 



Key Information

Mostly an industrial suburb close to the Jacksons International Airport, you will find hardware stores, construction companies, manufacturers and logistical services in the area.

Apartments located in the area including the Gateway Hotel & Apartments and Venezia Estate offer quality living particularly ideal for workers who travel often to other centres. 

A few wholesale shops in the area cater for the travellers coming into town from the Magi Highway, including the newly established 1 Stop Shopping Mall along the Magi Highway or along the Morea Tobo Road.

6 Mile is also home to a number of popular manufacturers including Pryde Furniture and Pacific Foam who offer quality timber furniture and spring or foam mattresses and reupholstering services. 

Things To Do in 6 Mile

There are a few shopping areas in the suburb including the 1 Stop Shopping Mall which includes a supermarket, bottle shop and tech store. Ideal hardware offers a wide range of furniture and fittings for the home while many manufacturers for furniture, bedding and construction materials are scattered along Saraga Street, Dogura Road and Morea Tobo Road. 

The old 6 Mile Market has been cleared and redeveloped into a modern market area for MSME's and food outlets to sell their products, however the facilities are yet to open.

Saraga Fresh Food Market is located opposite 1 Stop Shopping Mall and has a wide variety of vegetables to choose from. It is recommended to be accompanied when visiting this market as it is located close to the 6 Mile Settlement.  

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