Gordons 5 Location Profile

Gordons 5 Location Profile
Gordons 5 Location Profile


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Gordons 5 is part of the main suburb of Gordons but primarily consists of residential areas along with schools and embassies. Surrounded by the Suburbs of Waigani, Erima and 5 Mile; Gordons 5 is considered a prime residential area for compounds and townhouses. With ease of access to central Waigani including the Vision City Mega Mall and access to the Kumul Flyover leading to the airport and the Gordons Industrial area; many middle class workers find convienience living here. 

Things To Do in Gordons 5

Being part of the main suburb of Gordons, there are many shopping area's to go to including the Gordons Market, Foodworld, Vision City Mega Mall and Gordons Plaza. 

Gordons Plaza and Vision City offer a good range of shopping with clothing shops, home and furniture or regular supermarkets found in both centres. RH Supermarket and BMBN Hardware are also located near the Gordons Plaza and offer a popular area for shopping on the weekends.  

Spread across the large suburb of Gordons, you can find many restaurants, cafes and other food outlets including Fui Gui Restaurant, Yummy Kitchen, Jeanz Cafe, Heritage Cafe and much more. 


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