Gabutu Location Profile

Gabutu Location Profile
Gabutu Location Profile


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The suburb of Gabutu is located on the coast in the south of Port Moresby overlooking Walter Bay and Manubada Island with the Coral Sea in the back. 

It is a scenic part of the PNG capital and was in the colonial days a location of choice for middle class families. Konebada Beach on the waterfront is frequented by residents while Manubada Island just off the coast of Gabutu is a popular picnic spot for city residents. 

The suburb is predominantly residential except for Karius Road where a few local businesses have their premises. The road also provides sole access for drivers to the Taikone and Vabukori villages.  

Key Information

Gabutu was – prior to the arrival of the British colonial administration – a fishing area for Korobosea and later Kirakira villagers. 

Manubada Island just of the coast of Gabutu used to be a gardening area for its traditional owners. The reefs close to the island were also a fishing ground for the Vabukori and Pari villagers. 

Gabutu, Koki and Badili were the three Port Moresby suburbs with the largest number of resident mixed-race families in the pre and post-independence PNG. Today third to fourth generation mixed-raced families with European and Filipino ancestry still call Gabutu home.

Things To Do in Gabutu

Gabutu offers a popular wholesale store "Patricks Whole Sales" where many small to medium businesses purchase items to stock their shops or travellers from outside of Port Moresby purchase canned items in bulk to take home. 

Access to Gabutu is through public transport (Bus Route 22) from Koki and Bus Route 10 from Manu Autoport (East Boroko).

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