The Ultimate Guide to Korobosea

Feb. 6, 2018, 12:01 p.m.


Korobosea is a suburb of Port Moresby and is located between East Boroko, Kirakira village and the Two Mile Hill area.

It is predominantly a residential area and within the vicinity of public and private health service providers such as the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) and the Pacific International Hospital (PIH).

Most properties in Korobosea were previously government-owned medium to high cost covenant housing, which were later sold to the tenants (public servants) or ended up in private ownership through various government give-away schemes.

The nearest large supermarket is the Supa Value Stoa (SVS) next to the PNG Defence Force headquarters at Murray Barracks. There are smaller shops located at China Town in East Boroko.

A privately-run public transport system connects Korobosea with East Boroko, the Boroko commercial area and the Port Moresby CBD through Two Mile Hill.



The suburb is named after Korobosea, a large village whose inhabitants the Motu-Koitabu are considered the traditional landowners of Port Moresby. Korobosea, located on a hill overlooking Joyce Bay and Walter Bay, was the first village for the indigenous population in the area.

Over the years some villagers left Korobosea and moved to the foot of the hill to establish what is now called Kirakira. Mahuru village, which can be found between Korobosea and Kirakira villages, is an offshoot of Kirakira village.  

The descendants of the original settlers of Korobosea can still be found living at the site of the old village and have a population of about 1000 people.



An increasing number of owners of what was previously government-owned medium to high-cost covenant housing have reinvested in their properties and are now putting them up for rent.

The close proximity of Korobosea to Port Moresby’s two large health service providers and the Boroko commercial area make it an attractive location for working-class Papua New Guineans who want to rent.



Korobosea is home to the International Education Agency (IEA)-run Korobosea International School. Other schools in close proximity to the suburb include the Port Moresby Grammar School, Port Moresby International School (POMIS), Kilakila Secondary School (close to Kirakira village) and the Ted Diro Primary School at Murray Barracks.



On top of the services offered by the PIH and PMGH, there are other healthcare providers in the area. These are Paradise Private Hospital, 2K Medical Centre, Korobosea Clinic, and the University of PNG School of Medicine and Health Sciences dental clinic.

The UPNG School of Medicine and Health Sciences is next to the PMGH and trains PNG’s doctors.



The Port Moresby police metropolitan command is stationed at the Boroko commercial area and is a 10-minute drive from Korobosea. Adjacent to the Boroko police station is a PNG Fire Service station, which can respond to emergencies within the community.

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