The Ultimate Guide to Boroko

Feb. 12, 2018, 3:45 p.m.

From the laid back surrounding of Jacksons Airport to one of three bustling city suburbs of Port Moresby, equal in standing with its own unique scene, attraction, and history, get to know Port Moresby and its diverse ethnicity with Boroko as your starting point.

You may find it overwhelming with all the choices; so many price tags, wantoks and of course the road conditions, whether it’s accommodation to rent or buy. We all want our abodes to be effectively affordable, accessible, versatile, secure and have aesthetic appeal, followed by carefully considering the suburb and indeed the neighborhood in a city like Port Moresby, before you even begin your search.

According to the 2020 PNG Real Estate Survey, both Boroko and Waigani turned out to be the most of attractive neighbourhoods to live in. 

With a past as memorable as the red, white and black colors of the Papua New Guinea's flag, Boroko was once the epicenter of Port Moresby’s city life between the ‘80s and ‘90s. The suburb, though it has lost most of its appeal to Waigani’s Vision City Mega Mall, it has come a long way to maintaining its dignity as a livable suburb to date.

Let’s consider some reasons why Boroko remains a highly sought after suburb to live in:

1.The happening in Boroko

Using a map, you can easily figure out why this particular suburb is one of the highly sought-after suburbs in Port Moresby, provided you know what you’re looking for. Major sporting facilities such as the National Football Stadium, the Rita Flynn Netball Courts and Bisini Soccer Grounds are found here, just minutes apart from each other. These facilities also play host to many international sporting events.

2. Affordable

Affordability is relative to your income. What you find affordable may be extremely expensive to someone else, and this is one of the best things about Boroko! There is a price tag that is just right for everyone! You can find apartments as low as K800 a week to serviced townhouses at K4,000 a week, and more.

3. Accessible

When we talk about accessibility, we mean access to conveniences, access to other suburbs and also the actual driving conditions of the streets. Boroko can be described as the center of Pom City.

From Boroko you have easy access to other suburbs, one of Pom City’s main public bus stops is here, so getting to and from work or school is easier. Boroko offers a police station, a fire station, a post office, two banks, a craft market, many grocery stores; service stations; pharmacies and other health services; beauty parlours; schools and an assortment of churches.

Overall the condition of the roads and the general security reputation of the suburb make it one of the best choices in the nation’s capital. 


Boroko is the most versatile suburb you can expect to live in. it can be a short stroll from your residence, training grounds or shopping intentions. From bedsitters to daycares to educational institutions of all intents and purposes, can be found in this suburb.

Various denominations are also present in this neighbourhood, as well as there are clubs and betting shops to choose from. 

Even with both residential and commercial properties, and not to mention industrial and sporting facilities, Boroko has quite an offering compared to competing, eclectic suburbs in the nation’s capital.


Security is one factor that many Papua New Guineans consider seriously when deciding where to live, and this is one reason why many people prefer to live in Boroko. Despite the area’s notoriety for prostitution and petty crimes, it is generally a quiet neighbourhood to live in. The police station located in this suburb also helps with maintaining the law and order, not only in this part of the city but right throughout Port Moresby..

6. Aesthetic appeal

Boroko is built on what used to be swampland in the 1930s, meaning that the actual land is sustainably rich and makes for pretty good gardens, if you have the time. The suburb is surrounded by rolling hills, and numerous streets that are outlined by white frangipani and orange ixora plants that remind you - in case you forget - that you are in the heart of the tropics.

7.The freshest, organic food at affordable prices

In terms of fresh organic foods, Boroko has one of Port Moresby’s three major fresh food produce markets. Boroko market is located opposite the National Football Stadium with a huge variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, poultry and at times, depending on the weather, seafood. Boroko market is another wading pool of the local SMEs, and one of many areas within the city where you can actually support and promote local produce. 

8.The best 'Kalsa' spot

There was a time when between every June and September, Port Moresby had weekly pre-independence and provincial day celebrations.

No other province sees as colourful or as dedicated a show of cultural pride as than NCD, where the cooking pot had at least one of the 800 cultural ingredients. During this period, people living in other suburbs have to either send word to back home for someone to bring an item or two for ‘bilas’, or go searching the markets for these ornaments. Boroko residents, however, had one of two things to make the most of: unwind at home or take a casual stroll down to the craft market that happened every Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 4pm.



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