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A Room For Every Mood And A Space For Every Vocation
Updated on: June 8, 2022, 3:52 a.m.
Published on: January 31, 2020, 3:45 p.m.
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A Room For Every Mood And A Space For Every Vocation

A decade ago, within a certain belt of downtown Port Moresby, only a handful of addresses were truly monumental - chief among them were PNGBC, Steamships Plaza, Travelodge, and Seapark. 
Recently, however, as new real estate infrastructure takes precedence in and around Port Moresby, a new pecking order has risen.


The story begins with high profile companies, new investors and property agents, as well as property developers finding their place in the real estate industry, with a mirrored goal in mind: rewrite the definition of luxury living. 

Thereafter, the standard of luxury living, in Port Moresby, has reached new heights with the opening of Nambawan Super Limited’s newest property investment: The Penthouse Apartments.

Much thought was put into ensuring that this tower of dream-apartments stood apart from any other residential property in the nation’s capital – even down to a quaint kaynemaile architectural mesh that is specified and installed over the entrance to the tower’s foyer. 

The kaynemaile mesh - named after the creature, armour and weapons art director of Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, Kayne Horsham - dramatically reduces static loads on buildings, installation time and costs. Constant breeze from the Coral Sea moves the sheet so it ripples like an ocean wave throughout the day. 

This theme of uniqueness and affluence runs throughout the Penthouse tower. There are 14 exceptionally finished and beautifully furnished units, and no two apartments are the same. 

Sixty-two different types of tiles were used in the Plaza, catering to a total floor and wall area of 28,525m². That’s enough tiling to cover 22 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

And if you like pools and are the kind of person who starts off their day with a few laps in the pool, you can take a swim in the lap pool and then make the most of the tropic’s balmy morning sunlight by sunbathing by the plunge pool. 


At any time of the day, residents can step out of the sprawling indoor living and entertaining spaces onto a secure balcony. With views overlooking Fairfax Harbour, one can witness stunning sunsets in the evening, or watch the lights from the port’s busy pier that solemnly reflects the sea.

Inside, there’s a room for every mood and a space for every vocation. The Mimosa Residences comprise a dual 2-bedroom apartment on the building’s second level, offering spaces of up to 300m². So really, there’s no need to worry about people bumping into each other when having family, friends or business partners over for dinner or light entertainment. 


Extending over levels 8 and 9 are the Bellini Lofts. Characterised by large, outdoor living areas and expansive views, the Lofts offer generous double-height open plan and dining spaces. Breath-taking elements are eloquent throughout, but none more compelling than  the black marble-top kitchen with streaks of gold, and the floor-to-ceiling windows that enable sweeping harbour views are the most stunning of all. Embodying an aura of functionality and aesthetics, these kitchens have what it takes to draw your family and guests into the very heart of your home, with open arms. 

For the kitchen experts, we know that the kitchen is your wading pool. Fitted with thoughtful contemporary appliances, including one of the world's leading brands in kitchen accessories, Gaggenau, your kitchen skills will not be in vain.

On levels 10 and 11 are the Manhattan Penthouses, that feature a series of individual three-bedroom units that come complete with an open plan living area, a media room, a study, and bedrooms that are signified by separate en-suites and walk-in closets. 

The Martini Suite represents the best of living in the Penthouse tower. Occupying the top two floors, with a total floor area of 765m², this unit factors in expansive double-height open plan living spaces. Wine fanatics will love the top level, which can be used exclusively for entertainment, marked by a full floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall wine rack.


In a snap shot, every apartment features a smart TV in every room, while each entertainment capacity, also containing a cable TV, is wooed by a packaged internet plan and ducted air conditioning. 

Residents will have the privilege of a fully equipped gym and lap pool, in addition to a secured basement carpark, as well as additional storages.

The Penthouse Apartments, in company with two other developments within the Nambawan Plaza Precinct, will form a centralized, single pedestrian-friendly development project. The two other projects are Deloitte Haus, which is intended to be the hallmark of modern office spaces spread across 11 floors; and the 54 storey, two to three bedroom, Crowne Plaza Apartments, which are managed by the InterContinental Hotels Group

If you’re looking for a long-term rental accommodation, owned by a location that hinges on luxury, security, and high-end dining coupled with retail amenities, look no further.