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A Graceful Giant Tames The Skyline of Downtown, Port Moresby
Updated on: June 14, 2022, 1:03 a.m.
Published on: July 8, 2019, 9:29 p.m.
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A Graceful Giant Tames The Skyline of Downtown, Port Moresby

The status of an iconic building can be vastly personal. However, some buildings reach iconic status without dispute, like the incredibly-impressive Noble Center currently under construction in downtown, Port Moresby. 
Unprecedented in size and sophistication, the Noble Center is a graceful giant in the skyline, opening up views of the silhouettes of surrounding buildings, and the three major intersections; Stanley Esplanade, Champion Parade, and Musgrave Street. Construction is set to conclude in August, 2019. The building itself is a vertical extension of an entrance lobby, parking, and a multi-functional lounge, in addition to the office spaces at a total height of 95.6 meters.
Project Forecast

Conceived by China Railway Engineering Group (PNG) Noble Real Estate Co. Limited, the structure is a 23-storey nirvana of living, working and recreation worth over K550 million, and dominates a significant portion of land overarching Port Moresby’s Fairfax Harbour. 

The building sits on a 1,808 square meter of area, enclosed by a construction area of 29,125 square meters (also the gross floor area). The Noble Center was designed to allow for the development of approximately 2 basements, a below ground floor, 23 floors above the ground floor, dual reception areas, and 7 commercial areas. 

This graceful giant sits adjacent to the IRC Building, and between the ANZ Bank, Kina Bank, Bank of PNG, and the Harbourside West and East buildings on the fringes of Fairfax Harbour. The overall design and outlook of The Noble Center from the Fairfax Harbour looking in gives it an organic feel that blends the surrounding environment.


Building Attributes

Several prominent attributes contribute to The Noble Center’s unique structure. Chief among them are the vertical landscaping concept, automatic physical sun-shading, and tenancy access control.


Vertical Landscaping Concept

Otherwise known as the Green Concept is the theory, science and style of buildings designed and constructed in accordance with environmentally friendly principles. Concurrently, The Noble Center is utilizing this theory to effect with its vertical gardens visible throughout its structure, and comprises a living tapestry of plants and flowers found locally. This concept has become a worldwide trend and is aimed at addressing IEQ and employee health concerns with a healthier building environment.

Automatic Physical Sun-shading

Due to the often dry and humid weather of Papua New Guinea, and the exposure of The Noble Center to direct sunlight, this concept was considered as a measure to control the peak of building heat. The shading device also achieves two objectives in addition to dramatically keeping heat at a minimum.  It improves user visual comfort by controlling glare and reducing contrast ratios, and offers the opportunity of differentiating one building facade from another. This can provide interest and human scale to an otherwise undistinguished design.


Tenancy Access Control

The security of a building and its tenants is of paramount importance. High tech security systems relevant to a building’s design should be considered to ensure a safe and secure location for its occupants. With this in mind, The Noble Center has in place what it terms as a tenancy access control. 

The system allows tenants to access only their office, the floor on which their office is located, the lift, level 8 and the car park area. It’s the first layer of defense against unwanted visitors. Maintaining the access control system database in line with the tenants wishes is the foundation to the system’s integrity. As a safeguard to only allow the right people to enter the tenants’ offices, the security device is managed through a condensed access control system.


The Noble Center will incorporate a variety of cafeteria concepts and retailing with local and international starters, and modest prices to select.

Tenants will enjoy all the amenities that come with occupying this graceful giant in the skyline of downtown, Port Moresby. As well as other additional exclusivities that are iconic, only, to this unique landmark structure - the tallest in Papua New Guinea and the pacific as a whole.

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