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An Incredible Investment Opportunity in Papua New Guinea
Updated on: June 14, 2022, 4:11 a.m.
Published on: February 14, 2019, 5:11 a.m.
Housing Projects

An Incredible Investment Opportunity in Papua New Guinea

Savannah Heights
The busy suburb of Waigani has been a more preferable choice for developers and businesses today as we see the emergence of both commercial and residential properties. And why would they not see this as an ideal location? You have the convenience and accessibility of transport, shopping, sporting venues etc and the fact that it is literally the link to the airport via the Kumul Flyover.

Enter Savannah Heights. With the convenience of living within a secure gated community, Savannah Heights offers protection and piece of mind for those looking for accommodation with value. Located in the popular suburb of Waigani, the estate becomes one of the new commercial and residential developments in the heart of PNG’s political home. Appropriately situated within a reasonable distance to Vision City, Hotels, Parliament House, Sir John Guise Stadium and with the added advantage of an effortless route to the airport, it’s easy to see why Savannah Heights would be the “go-to” solution for businesses and dwellers alike.


The architectural design sees the main building comfortably perched on the hill which gives it a perfect view stretching as far as to the sight of the airport and allows a soothing breeze to flow through valley where it rests. The structure itself comprises of 3 levels with customizable office space. The top boasts one of Port Moresby’s more popular dining outlets, Bistro, with its wide range of cuisine ranging from western to asian dishes. Not too far from it stands the newest in high rise buildings, the Stratos Towers. The building having been completed end of 2012, provides another option for businesses looking for quality office space with its various advantages. Whether you’re a business or resident, Savannah Heights is definitely worth the consideration.

Rosewood Apartments

Built within the well established Savannah Heights, Rosewood Apartments arises as one of Port Moresby’s newest residential investment opportunities, Rosewood Apartments. Completed in 2012, the 5-storey apartments bring the latest in luxury living in the busy suburb of Waigani. Within the building comprises ten luxury apartments that provide elegance and attention to detail for the eye. The generous floor plan of approximately 155 sqm allows three bedrooms to cradle comfortably inside with each room having an ensuite. All apartments are tastefully decorated due to well thought out architectural designs that stand out as soon as you walk through the doors. Tiled floors help to keep the space cool to counter the heat and the airconditioning compliments by adding the extra touch of relief.

According to the 2018 Hausples Real Estate Survey, almost a quarter of the total respondents stated Waigani as the most desirable suburb to live in. For expatriates and newcomers, Waigani is not only the seat of the government of PNG but also the suburb with the MOST things to do as a family or individually. Within the secure compound, the apartments provide a convenient location within reach to shopping centres and restaurants which gives it a slight advantage with developments slowing emerging in the suburb of Waigani. Along with the liberal parking space, plus a Bistro and Cafe within the captivating Savannah Heights grounds, Rosewood Apartments presents itself as an extremely attractive option for anyone wishing to reside there.


Built in a secure and generously spaced compound, the apartments are some of the newest developments in Port Moresby. Each unit is fully furnished with white and brown goods and come with all modern conveniences installed. The block currently has 90% occupancy with a potential return well in excess of K2 Million per annum. Within lush surroundings with stunning views, each floor hosts two apartments with surround balconies.  A large backup generator (confirm KvA) to the rear ensures that power outages are of no concern, and 13 (confirm capacity) water tanks give piece of mind to the residents. The building is built to international standards which includes fire-fighting facilities within public areas. The sufficient car park delivers secure parking and the entire building runs on backup electricity and water in those times of emergencies.


When security can be an issue in Port Moresby, Savannah Heights offers secure and convenient services that ensure both residents and property are cared for. Upon entrance into the estate, stands a guard checkpoint that closely monitors visitors who come to and from the premises and can easily ward off those who are not welcome. With a compliment to security, access to the building requires an electronic card system as opposed to the conventional key. This not only allows residents to have peace of mind but also makes it easier to enter in and out of the units with ease. Guards patrols the grounds 24/7 and ensure privacy is maintained.

Investment Opportunity

Rosewood Apartments are currently 90% occupied and with a steady rise in rent for higher end residences, the potential for long term income is immense. Be the first to look into these apartments and invest in a solid future.

For an individual or a group that is searching for a sound investment, Rosewood Apartments are a must not to miss opportunity. Enquire now to take advantage of this offer!