Top Turn Offs For PNG Home Buyers And How to Avoid Them!
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:21 a.m.
Published on: July 6, 2014, 5:54 p.m.

Top Turn Offs For PNG Home Buyers And How to Avoid Them!

Top Turn Offs For PNG Home Buyers – And How to Avoid Them
Do you own a great house, apartment or townhouse in a prime location in Port Moresby or Lae and you want to get sell it for a fantastic price? The reality is that it’s incredibly easy to miss out on a sale and there are just as many things that make your home both attractive and unattractive to potential buyers.
So it you’re looking to sell your home, these are’s tips to avoid turning off hot PNG home buyers and missing out on a great sales price.


A photos tells a thousand words (& generates even more dollars!)

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is absolutely true when trying to sell a home and pictures can be worth a lot more in dollar terms! Despite well written listings providing all of the necessary property information, the lack of at least an exterior photograph often causes buyers to skip to the next listing.

Photographs are the best way to make your property stand out from the crowd and get inquiry – especially if you are listed on an agent’s website or!

So work with your real estate agent to get fantastic photos of your house or apartment!


POA – Or No Sale Price

Despite the common practice in PNG of listing houses as POA or ‘Price On Application’, the research indicates that buyers view more properties that list a price or price range. In fact, this is a common complaint that we often receive from people using the Hausples website!

We have found that potential buyers generally read the home’s description and expect to see a listed price. As such we strongly recommend that you include a price.

If a home features a long list of unique details but lacks a sales price, buyers tend to think the home is very expensive or potentially over priced. Make it easy for someone investigate your home further by providing as many details as possible.


Reluctant Sellers

It is not unusual for an individual or a family to become attached to a home. Especially when the residence is filled with great memories.

However, once you make the decision to sell, you must keep the objective  of a sale in the forefront of your mind. Try your best to keep emotions in check. Step back, and allow your real estate agent the freedom to perform their job.

You also need to allow potential new homeowners the space and freedom to inspect your house or apartment without feeling stressed or having you hover over them.

If you are in the home when potential buyers arrive for an inspection, resist the urge to share anecdotes and history of the home. Similarly, be sure to not point out shortcomings of the property. Remain as detached as possible. Better yet, make arrangements in advance and take the time to go out and let your experienced real estate agent handle the buyer; that’s what you pay a real estate agent for!


A Neglected Home

Imagine what goes through the mind of prospective home buyers when walking into a house or apartments that is not clean and tidy?

When making the decision to sell your property, get help from family, friends or professional cleaners if need be and make sure that the home is pristine before clients pay a visit. Pay special attention to bathrooms, kitchens, general living areas and backyards. Potential buyers often request to use the bathroom during a visit.

You should also speak with your real estate agent about how to make the property look it’s best. Buyers want to feel the house or apartment has space, will accept their furniture and their sense of style. So be prepared to de-clutter, move furniture or make your decorations more neutral.


Unpleasant Odours

Regardless of how great your home appears, if visitors are immediately confronted with overwhelming or unpleasant odours when entering a home, the likelihood that a sale takes place is extremely slim.

Avoid using strong smelling cleaners, air fresheners, incense or perfumes prior to a home tour. Odours that commonly turn clients off also include the smell of cigarettes, pet odors or unpleasant food smells. Consider freshening the air by opening windows, deodorize areas frequented by pets, smoke outdoors and avoid cooking cabbage, fish or other strong smelling foods.

Another top tip is to brew some coffee or bake some bread before a home inspection. These smells are very appealing and will leave a fantastic impression on buyers!


A Messy Home

Walking into a home filled with clutter and mess is almost as bad as seeing dirt, dust or smelling unpleasant aromas. Before putting a home up for sale, begin the process of organizing the interior.

Start with general living areas. Wardrobe and other storage areas are often inspected for size and space. Don’t forget storage areas, basements and garages. If the task seems overwhelming, consider asking some friends to help or hiring a cleaning firm.

Once you have finished your de-cluttering invite the real estate agent around to inspect tthe house and get their input. Sometimes an agent will have fresh ideas and perspectives about how to make a home look airy and tidy.

A final top-tip, use mirrors in small rooms to help the space appear bigger!


Indoor Temperatures

Despite Papua New Guinea’s hot climate, resist the urge to keep your house or apartments super cold. What may feel comfortable to you, may be very uncomfortable for someone inspecting your house.

A special mention for men that might live alone, generally males like a slightly cooler temperature than women. However, often females will inspect homes. For this reason, be careful not to make your house too much like Antarctica or else you might scare away every female buyer!


The Right Agent

Real Estate Agents can make or break sales based on their experience, ethics and professionalism.

Given that real estate is an unregulated profession in Papua New Guinea, recommends that you undertake thorough research before choosing an gent to sell your home. You can start you research on our PNG Real Estate Agent Directory Page or you might like to visit the Papua New Guinea Real Estate Industry Association

Consider if an agent makes themselves readily available to buyers. Agents who seem to rush clients, or seem distracted, do not have the interest of the buyer or seller at the forefront. Likewise, determine if the agent seems professional, honest and genuinely desires to make a sale.