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Securing a High Quality Tenant For Your PNG Property
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:20 a.m.
Published on: August 22, 2014, 2:44 a.m.

Securing a High Quality Tenant For Your PNG Property

The Hausples Guide to Securing a High Quality  Tenant
The continuing growth of the cities of Port Moresby and Lae opens new avenues for PNG property investors to attract premium tenants. As a smart property owner, you should explore ways of attracting the best possible tenant for your rental property in order to maximise rental income, ensure a long term lease and that your property is well cared for by the tenant. 
The following are our tips to making your property stand out to great tenants. We recommend that you convey these to your preferred real estate agent to help them source the best and highest paying tenant:


1. Prior to moving to Port Moresy or Lae or shifting from an existing rental property, quality tenants are exploring the accommodation options available to them online. As such, it is critically important for you to list your property across online property websites 3 to 4 months before the home becomes available to rent. Naturally we strongly recommend that you speak to your real estate agent about listing your home on Hausples.com.pg to ensure maximum exposure to the online market.


2. As it is often difficult for busy tenants to to physically inspect the property, they typically rely on the images that you include in your property listing (whether on a real estate portal or real estate agent’s website) to promote your property. Capture high resolution images of the property using a professional camera and do not rely on a camera phone. The experience of the Hausples.com.pg team is that property listings with photographs attract more than twice as many property inquiries as those without photos!


3. Often tenants are looking for homes that can accommodate their family. As such, local amenities and in particular security are of critical importance to potential PNG property tenants. Ensure that you clearly explain to your agent the security measures in place at your property such as 24 / 7 security, a secure compound, security cameras, fencing, security check posts at entry/exit, and friendly neighbours. Also, list all of the distances and proximity to areas of interest such as the Royal Papua Yacht Club, the Aviat Club and the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club. Also, schools are especially important to long term tenants with children, so be sure to include the distance from schools such as the Ela Murray International School.


4. Moving to cities such as Port Moresby is expensive and as such tenants typically do not transport large and bulky furnishings. Hence, it’s highly recommended that your property comes fully furnished and make sure that your PNG real estate agent and all advertising mentioned this.


5. It is important for your tenant to be able to visualise the kind of lifestyle that the property offers. The rental income you seek can only be justified if the property looks impeccable. Paint the entire property afresh to give it a meticulous look and ensure all of the appliances and decor are up to date. Your need to spend a little money to make money!