Josephine Beata

Josephine Beata

Portfolio Manager - Residential

Josephine Beata joined Pacific Palms Property in 2012.

Josephine is from Yule Island-Kairuku, Central Province and is very privileged to work with PacificPalms Property. Josephine has gained experience over the past years with all necessary training and with the everyday responsibilities such as dealing with different tenants, prospects and clients in handling their issues to making sure everyone is satisfied at the end of every day. The most important thing that she has observed with PacificPalms Property is that we have set a standard with our properties and that includes the products and services which we offer, are the best.

Josephine believes in teamwork, where everyone has to stand up and work together as a team to ensure that PacificPalms Property, a division of the Steamships Trading Company is PNG’s leading property developers and managers.

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