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About Stratostream Homes

Stratostructure has grown to be a leading construction company in Papua New Guinea today. With each project that Stratostructure has delivered, it has raised the bar in every performance area – from compliance of strict standards and delivery timing to quality of work in every detail.
Complementing this vast home ground experience gained over the past two decades, Stratostructure has also built up an extensive range of in-house capabilities to complete projects from start to finish.
Since the formation in January 2012, Stratostructure has taken over the overall operations and projects of HG Construction (Homeguard Limited) that was incorporated in the year 1989 and had operated from its own premises at Section 38, Allotment 24 & 25, Gordons Industrial Area, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
In January 2012, the management decided to restructure the company to meet the current trend of construction Industries in Port Moresby and came up with Stratos Group of Companies.

The 3,830m2 of Stratostructure steel fabrication yard and Stratostream steel roll forming and bit house manufacturing facilities, staff accommodation and warehousing are situated at Portion 3179, Granville, Laloki on a 6,794 m2 land.

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