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Gordons 5 NCD Papua New Guinea
Updated on: June 16, 2022, 5:33 a.m.
Published on: June 13, 2018, 4:43 a.m.
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What is Hausples?

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You probably have gotten an email, or seen the posts on Facebook, Instagram, maybe you have been hearing about it on the radio and seeing the red, black and white themed ads on the digital billboards at Waigani. Yes has fast become a household name throughout Papua New Guinea. Recently Hausples organized the 2018 PNG Real Estate Show that was attended by over 8,000 people. But there are many that are still unsure what this Hausples is about.

So what exactly is Hausples?
The best online real estate portal

Maybe you have been seeing this phrase but don’t know what an ‘online portal’ is. Basically it means that is the best website in Papua New Guinea to help you buy, rent and sell property. There are over 3,000 properties listed by individuals, developers, builders and agencies.

No fees

To sell or lease property on you simply need to register - for free! There is NO commission charged, there is NO registration fee to market your property on If you are searching for property to rent or buy you simply subscribe to the website - for free! There is no charge for searches or requests for further information.

Easy to use

As soon as you enter the Hausples website a pop-up chat menu activates with a real person chatting with you - no automated responses, no bots! The site is easy to navigate regardless of your computer literacy. If you are searching or leasing out, or selling, your experience will always be pleasant. If you report an issue it will get attended to - promptly. If you do get confused there are alternative contact details provided, for example you can email [email protected] or you can call D: +675747 00243 | B: +675752 64887.

Furthest Reach

Hausples is the most effective website to market your land or property with a network that reaches over 65,000 local and international followers. As mentioned before Hausples also utilizes three social media platforms that bring additional additional traffic to the website.

Facts you should know about Hausples:
  1. Hausples was founded in 2013.

  2. Hausples works with the region's leading real estate agencies, developers and lenders .

  3. Real estate customer relationship management systems and websites are offered to many leading real estate agents in the region.

  4. Hausples is NOT a real estate agency.

  5. Hausples does NOT charge a registration fee.

  6. Hausples does NOT charge commission.

  7. Hausples has over 65,000 global followers on the website, facebook, instagram and twitter

  8. Hausples has over 3,000 property listings.

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