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Touaguba Paradise
Updated on: June 15, 2022, 1:49 a.m.
Published on: December 14, 2018, 10:57 p.m.

Living the life at Touaguba Paradise

As the City of Port Moresby has seen a boom of infrastructure in the last number of years, residential developers have been taking advantage of the rise and tapped into the high-end spectrum of accommodation. One developer in particular, NPL Development Ltd, has seen the increase in demand for quality accommodation and housing and after 2 years of construction has made their vision a reality.

Set on the highest point of Touaguba Hill comes the latest in luxury and stylish architectural design, the towering Touaguba Hill Paradise Apartments. Beginning construction in June 2016 and completed in October 2017, this newest edition to the downtown area has already captured the eyes of investors and would-be tenants alike. Just glancing up from Ela Beach at the impressive structure leaves you fixated in awe at how much of an ambient mood the view from the top would give emanate. From the moment you drive through the front gate, the evenly spaced buildings look just as impressive from up close with the structural stability and flawless designs to match.

The location itself conveniently sits within close proximity to the beach, shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and health centres, making it ideal for those not wanting to venture too far out of town. Stepping into another world is an understatement as you are bombarded with exquisite workmanship from the buildings to the landscaping.   


Architecture and Design

NPL Developer Ltd’s Manager Director Dato’ Jimmy Poh has said that "the development of Touaguba Hill Paradise is a collaboration of international team of designers and real estate firm to deliver a very well thought out living space with style and flair." To enter Touaguba Hill Paradise is to enter into a world of classic architecture at it’s finest. The apartment block is divided into three buildings: Blocks A and B together on the lower level with Block C sitting slightly higher above on the hill. It is worth mentioning the vantage point that the upper levels of Block C have to bask in the wondrous views of Ela Beach and the vast sea on the horizon. Built on the highest point of Touaguba Hill, all the buildings boast 7-storeys high and from the exterior to the interior, provide quality finishes inspired by a well thought out architectural plan.

The architect and design team have gone to great depths to give an artistic and aesthetic touch. Strategically set from a high point, the buildings and individual units are designed in a way that encapsulates nature and adds value to the picturesque backdrop of ocean views. To counter the sweltering humidity of Port Moresby, each unit is tiled throughout to repel heat and keep the unit cool. The airy floor plan also helps to allow a steady flow of ocean breeze to provide that natural cooling effect especially in the night time. Throughout the unit, the light wall colours help illuminate the interior and with the aid of large windows allow a generous amount of natural light to sweep through. Add in the sweeping views of the ocean as you get higher and the convenience of location, you have yourself an apartment to be proud of.



Each apartment has been carefully designed to give a range of preference according to number of rooms/bathrooms and floor area. The buildings have their own lifts with admission to floors strictly with access card to ensure privacy and security. As you make your way into each building you are immediately met by the stellar touches of elegance from the lobby as you exit to lift to the front door of the units.

Luxury awaits as you step into each unit with a tiled floor matched with light wall colours that creates a vibrant look. The most notable thing you will notice is the spacious floor plan that makes possibilities endless to inspire the mind to decor at will. Depending on the type of unit, the rooms run symmetrically along or opposite each other from the lounge room and are relatively large in space. Fitted with their own queen sized beds, air conditioning and wall TV, the rooms seem almost nostalgic of a hotel atmosphere. The lounge is just an extension of what the rooms have to offer with an open plan to entertain family and friends when occasions permit. The kitchen provides great space to move around at will and even inspire the inner chef while the balcony creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy a casual afternoon or lazy morning while soaking in the panoramic views and cool breeze of the ocean.



Touaguba Hill Paradise takes pleasure in providing alluring facilities and amenities that are complementary to other high-end apartments in its pristine location. The aim of the residence is to cater to its tenants by presenting as many advantages as possible for maximum satisfaction. The main aim is to instill a firm mindset in it’s tenants to enjoy comfort at home and take advantage of these amenities.

Located in between the apartment buildings sits perfectly a glamorous sized pool with fountains creating an oasis to indulge in. The pool is perfect for those hot and humid days where you just want to escape from the Moresby heat and treat yourself. When entertaining the guests and family becomes too populated in the units, extend the gathering to the outdoor entertainment area that is designed to invite the cool ocean air and provide a great setting for fun times. On the other hand, if you want to skip the relaxation and burn off some sweat, take a walk into the state of the art gym with its wide range equipment and weights to occupy the casual goer to the gym junkie.

With the constant power and water shortages in the city, residents can be well assured through two generators that supply electricity and efficient water supply with nine water tanks. The buildings offer ample basement car parking for both tenants and guests and an easy accessible road through the premises. To keep the high standard of the property, the facilities and grounds are continually serviced and maintained and staff is always on call 24/7 to alleviate any issues.



Feel safe and secure in a well maintained location without having to worry about security. Touaguba Hill Paradise takes pride in delivering an impressive security system. Designers have taken into consideration extra security and ease of access into each unit by installing a 4-way access on each door through touch screen pin code, access card entry, normal key entry and an impressive fingerprint biometric scanner. For convenience, an intercom with video and voice capabilities allow you to stay within the confines of the unit to monitor visitors as they come and go.


The boundaries that border the property are equipped with security lights, electric sensors, motion sensors and cameras and have 24-hour security with a good number of guards that patrol the premises. The grounds are continually monitored with its steady supply of cameras which provide supervision in the well equipped surveillance room. It is safe to say that Touaguba Hill Paradise provides luxury living in premises that solves the problem of security while providing maximum assurance for its tenants.  



Touaguba Paradise offers a range of units for rent with one, two and three bedroom apartments starting from just K2,500 per week.  Click Here to make an enquiry.