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How Do You Define The New Normal In PNG’s Real Estate Market?
Updated on: June 7, 2022, 2:24 a.m.
Published on: May 14, 2020, 3:34 a.m.

How Do You Define The New Normal In PNG’s Real Estate Market?

How do you define the “new normal”? Better yet, how do you say “new normal” in real estate jargon?
Generally, the term itself is used in a variety of circumstances to imply that what was previously foreign to common knowledge has now become mainstream dialect. 
While social distancing proclaims veni vidi vici in and around all corners of the globe, here at Hausples, we paraphrase the new normal as “360° Virtual Tours.”


Unless you’re an NGO, the main goal of every business is revenue. Once you’ve established that as your driving force, you find yourself on a path crisped with strategies at every turn -  the most significant of which are quality customer experience and outstanding marketing. 

Fast forward to the modern real estate era, only a 360° virtual tour can address both strategies efficiently and eloquently.

A Realistic Representation Of Your Listing

You see, in the world of 360° virtual tours, panorama is king. And what better way to magnify this position than through the lenses of a virtual technology apparatus?...Yes, a virtual listing for this matter.

Since almost every real estate enthusiast begins their property search online, virtual technology can easily lead them to your listing. It gives them reasons enough to stop and absorb every detail of the property, on their laptop, smartphone and other digital devices.

Apart from boosting your customer service and marketing blueprints, a 3D virtual tour can sell your property 24/7 anywhere, anytime while you sleep, and introduce your listing in the best light possible.

A 360° virtual tour goes as far as bringing your property into your customer's home, in a manner they feel as if they are viewing your property in-person - hence, a realistic representation of your property listing.


Stand Out Among The Competition

In a time such as this, not only has the pandemic came, saw and conquered every aspect of human life with its social distancing culture, but also created a dire need for businesses to rise up from the ashes with new mindsets, new schemes, and the need to regain recognition.

As a rule, the efforts are noticeable across social media, email advertising and real estate portals. With countries beginning to chart their parts out of lockdown, you can expect a chalk-and-cheese way of doing business.

Hausples is introducing the 360° virtual tours into the market. What that means for you is that we have expanded our listing options, to help you stand out from the rest when you want your property to have a short life span on the market.

Additionally, if being distinguished is the name of your game in real estate, then a 360° virtual tour is your ally, because it will reanimate your game plan.


Bottom Line

Innovation is an essential part of real estate technology, especially in times of pandemics. In this day and age, where social distancing has made its mark, it's more important now than ever for many businesses to invest in some form of resuscitation equipment, none more so than what is deeply felt in the property market. 

Regaining recognition and standing out from the competition will be the driving force, moving forward. And the only reliable and dependable option right now is a 360° virtual tour, which Hausples has considered for its clients.