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Making your property more marketable
Updated on: June 15, 2022, 1:52 a.m.
Published on: September 28, 2018, 5:56 a.m.

Making your property more marketable

Papua New Guinea has a growing and thriving real estate market and, coupled with an increased income, more and more people are looking at owning their very first homes. This demand for housing has seen a few homeowners consider the prospect of selling their current properties.
A recent survey carried out by PNG’s leading real estate portal, Hausples.com.pg, has revealed that as people’s confidence in owning their own home increases, a majority believe it is a good opportunity to take advantage of this demand and sell their properties. If you happen to fall within this group of people, there are a few things to undertake to ensure that you get more returns on your property and that it is marketable.


Invest in a clean up crew

Over the years, dust and grime tend to build up around the home. The exterior of the house loses its gloss and the roof needs to be upgraded.  When you are readying your house for the market, it is not good to have a smelly and grimy house as this will deter potential buyers. This is an ideal time to invest in a clean up crew who will be able to carry out the major refurbishments around the house as well as cleaning the walls ready for painting.

Once the clean up crew has finished, then the weekly cleaning can be done by the family. It is always good to remember that to solve any ongoing issues.  For example, it may be tempting to cover up a blocked drain during a property inspection. However, the sale may take several months to complete and a heavy rain can cause flooding because of the blockage.  This will cost you more money in the long run, so nip the problem in the bud and fix the root cause before it gets out of control.

Remember, no one likes a smelly house. If you smoke, scrub the upholstery and carpets. Wash down the walls and ceilings with a mild cleaner and ensure that the vents in the air conditioning unit cleaned. If you have pets, ensure that any stains are removed and that their dog houses or corners are spotless.


Remember Curb Appeal

At times, the landscaping clinches a deal. The landscaping or the curb appeal makes a great first impression and a well kept lawn and a neat garden can, in fact, increase the value of your home.  If you have walkways or paths leading to your house, make sure that they are cleaned and free from debris. It can be a great idea to water blast the exterior of your property in order to get rid of cobwebs and to give it a fresh and clean appearance.


Clean your closets.

When you have an open home or prospective buyers stop  by for an inspection, they will most likely check the cupboards and closets. It is therefore an opportune time to go through all that you have in your closets and throw away the unnecessary, keep the must-haves and organise it properly. This way, it will look like there is a lot more space in your closets.

Upgrade your kitchen

While real estate is all about location, it is always wise to upgrade your kitchen. A kitchen is the centrepiece of a house. It is where the family spends time cooking, washing dishes and even recapping on the day whilst they prepare the evening meal.

If you have a bit of money, spend it updating the counter tops and the window frames. Upgrade all the kitchen appliances and install hanging lights, which will add a chic appearance or finish to the kitchen. However, if you do not have much finance, opt for inexpensive updates like fresh paint and new cabinet hardware such as door handles, knobs, etc. This will give your whole kitchen a fresh and new feel.


Give your room purpose

At times, we will convert one room in the house into a place where we put all our knick-knacks and almost everything which is not needed. When planning to have an open house or your home listed, it’s time to clean it up. Clear out all the thing you don’t need and make your house  as spacious as possible. Change the colours in the rooms. Grab a paint brush and focus on the trims and heavily used rooms. Paint over bright bedroom colors to more neutral tones and touch up areas that need to be retouched.


Let the sun in

Natural light is a huge bonus when selling your home. Let the sun shine in and ensure that your windows are clean and not obscured by dusty drapes or torn curtains.

These are some of the ways you can ensure that your house is marketable and that prospective buyers will look at it the way you first looked at it when you bought the property. However, when considering selling, it is always a good idea to get to know a valuer who can also assist in setting the right price for your house.


Generally speaking, real estate appreciates over time but the simple tasks, such as keeping your home clean and tidy, will see that you make the most of your return.