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Madang Real Estate Guide
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:17 a.m.
Published on: October 8, 2014, 5:08 a.m.

Madang Real Estate Guide

Is Madang your next home?
For anyone who isn’t a huge fan of the bright city lights or its concrete jungles, then Madang Province is most definitely the ideal place for you to consider settling. From its lush green vegetation right down to its friendly people, Madang Province’s relaxing tropical atmosphere provides a great option for potential home buyers to consider. 
If you are shopping for a home, Madang real estate should be on your to consider – the following is the Hausples.com.pg guide to the province of Madang.


Madang province comprises of six districts namely Bogia, Upper Ramu, Middle Ramu, Lower Rai Coast and Sumkar with the provincial capital being Madang. It is most renowned for its impressive coast where stunning reef-fringed lowlands and coral gardens dwell.

Madang Province is also steeped in history with 34 sunken ship sites at Hansa Bay as a result of its coast being the heart of intense fighting during World War II. These sites along with the reef-fringed lowlands are a hit among divers the world over. Moreover, islands like Kranket and Siar are perfect for swimming while Madang’s bottomless cerulean water harbor provides ships with an excellent area to berth.

Other attractions of the province include its quite harsh mountains, waterways as well volcanic islands like Manam and Karkar. Put quite simply, Madang has the makings of a holiday destination for anyone planning to reside in the province.

Its township has been described as the “paradise of the South Pacific” and its intriguing panorama of flora and fauna proves that it most certainly is. Although the province’s districts may be scattered, Madang’s township is more concentrated. The quaint little town offers convenience for those residing along the borders of the town as amenities are either located close by to one another or in a plaza.

Such amenities cover department stores, banks, post office, vegetable markets and supermarkets and because they are all within walking distance of one another, one can never get lost. Urban facilities like Andersons Supermarket and BSP Bank ensure that expatriates are within reach of products and services like those in their country of citizenship. Surrounding the town are hotels that not only lodge for the generous numbers of tourists visiting Madang annually, but also present fine culinary meals for those wishing to wine and dine.

In terms of housing, real estate in Madang real estate is mostly owned by private businesses, churches and individuals who lease out property to tenants or clients. These leases are made under private arrangements rather than through real estate agents. Otherwise, there are three major real estate companies that lead the real estate market in Madang Province. They are namely Ela Real Estate, Rookes Marine Real Estate and Professionals Real Estate.

The town is home to many antiquated pre-colonial houses that are located in the suburb of Kalibobo as well as at Kina Beach and New Town. At the same time, the town is bursting with the development of new properties and amenities.

As for education, there are a range of both government-run and private schools that are located within the proximity of the town itself. Such private schools include Madang International and Madang Christian Academy. For health check-ups or medical attention, Natu Private Clinic and Modilon General Hospital are Madang’s only hospitals. Should one wish to travel to other provinces in PNG, the airport is situated just 20 minutes outside of Madang town.

Security-wise, Madang is a rather safe province to live in. Like other provinces in PNG, safety all goes back to one’s knowledge of which places are safe to venture.

In all, the province of Madang and in particular its township, is an idyllic area to reside in. With conveniently located amenities and a range of leisure activities to do and places to see, Madang screams hospitality. All potential property buyers should include Madang as part of their search for real estate in PNG.


Guide to Madang amenities:



Andersons Supermarket

J & Z Supermarket

Papindo Supermarket

Martin Tsen


Madang Real Estate Agents

Ela Real Estate

Rookes Marine

Professionals Real Estate





Bank South Pacific

PNG Microfinance


Department Stores

Brian Bell


Beckslea Plaza

Steamships Hardware Store

Ela Group of Companies



Madang Lodge

Madang Star Hotel

Madang Resort Hotel

Coastwatchers Hotel

Jais Aben Resort

Smugglers Inn



Madang Christian Academy

Madang International

Kalibobo International

Natu Playschool



Natu Private Clinic

Modilon General Hospital

Yagaum Hospital (run by Lutheran Church)




Global Travel Agency

Diwai Pacific Consultancy

Budget Hire Cars


Article by By Pauline Mago-King copyright Hausples Ltd