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Location Overview: Central Business District in Port Moresby
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:30 a.m.
Published on: August 12, 2021, 6:42 a.m.

Location Overview: Central Business District in Port Moresby

The Central Business District of Port Moresby is the commercial heart of Papua New Guinea, home to the Central Bank, Stock Exchange, the Internal Revenue Commission, as well as office towers, hotels, bars and restaurants. It is located on the main peninsula of Port Moresby, nestled between Touaguba Hill to the East, Paga Hill to the West and Ela Beach to the South.

Port Moresby has been inhabited by the local Motu-Koitabu people for centuries, and was sighted by Captain John Moresby of the British Royal Navy in 1873. It was named after his father; Admiral of the Fleet Sir Fairfax Moresby. Now, the Central Business District, typically known as Downtown, is a bustling hive of commercial activity with major developments seen over the past few decades.

It is serviced by two main roads: the Two-Mile Hill Road and the Poreperena Freeway, both of which provide access to other parts of the Capital.

Being on a peninsula, it offers almost panoramic views of Fairfax Harbour, Walter Bay and the Coral Sea.


Champions Parade is one of the most prominent roads in the CBD, On the left is Harbourside South under construction, and the recently completed Nobel Centre, now PNG’s tallest building.

To the right is Burns Philp Haus, one of the oldest buildings that has been recently refurbished and occupied by Westpac bank. The tall building to the right is MRDC Haus, formerly Pacific Place, and immediately behind it is the Steamships Shopping Plaza.

Next to Nobel Centre is Revenue Haus, home to the IRC, then Burns Haus currently under renovation, followed by Mogoru Moto Building and MMI Haus at the end.

All of these buildings are occupied by commercial offices. To the right, on Hunter Street, is Defens Haus, Newcrest Haus and Monian Tower.

There are several hotels in the CBD, including the Grand Papua and The Crowne Hotel. The CBD used to be home to PNG’s politics, and Parliament Haus used to sit on McGregor Street before was moved to Waigani.

Behind Old Parliament Haus is the recently built Apex Apartments, Crowne Plaza and Deloitte Tower and the Port Terrace Restaurant and Bar nestled in the middle.

Harbourside East and West [VT] have a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops with some of the most spectacular harbour views, with office space above them.

Paga Hill is in the background, with Credit Haus and Cuthbertson Building in the foreground.


The Bank of Papua New Guinea is to the right of the screen with the BSP Town branch to the left adjoining the iconic Kina Bank Haus which is the tall building in the centre of the screen.

APEC Haus and Ela Beach Tower can be seen in the background. To the North of the CBD is Fairfax Harbour, Waterfront Shopping Centre, the Yacht Club and Harbour City in the background, all parallel to the Poreporena Freeway