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Insurance VS Risk: Protect  your Future
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:08 a.m.
Published on: November 22, 2014, 9:49 a.m.
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Insurance VS Risk: Protect your Future

Threats that can end our dreams are all around us – but they can and should be planned for and avoided. On the night of the 24th October this year, fire ravaged the Mt Hagen trade center causing millions of Kina of damage. Lae has also seen many homes, businesses and lives destroyed by intense heat and flames – only to be reduced to ashes.
These losses are occurring countrywide and right throughout the year. Every year. And this is damage caused only by fire – one of many risks here in PNG. Accidents, theft, extreme weather events, loss of income or business, the cost of medical problems – these are all risks that can impose deep hardship and financial ruin. You can and should take control.


These risks can and all too often do destroy the greatest investments we make in our lives. It is up to each of us to take advice from experts and manage these risks. They will help to identify where risk exists, quantify and analyse its aspects and components and help to develop risk response strategies providing the best insurance plan. Also, monitoring these risks continuously to determine how they change over time is greatly important.  These are all concrete steps you can take to protect your greatest investments. Lives, homes, businesses and vehicles – invested and protected.  Papua New Guineans are increasingly active in business as the country’s formal economy continues to expand and it is up to each and every one of us to take steps to protect what belongs to our families for the future.


Like a breath of fresh air, Trans Pacific Assurance Limited are reviving the insurance industry in PNG since their opening on the 29th April 2014.  And now it is the public of Papua New Guinea who can reap the benefits by relying on the efficient and effective insurance expertise on offer. After all, the tremendous personal benefit gained through understanding and using insurance products is still not understood by too many – all this is set to change with the arrival of TPAL – experts at managing risk.


Trans Pacific Assurance Limited is located on the 3rd floor of Defens Haus, Downtown Port Moresby. They provide general insurance products such as motor, business, medical and home insurance products.  Professional risk management services are delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals who continually showcase their dedication to the all-important customer providing that “extra mile” service across the whole of PNG.


Call TPAL today to make sure you protect your part of PNG’s economic prosperity. The wealth of the nation is improved when each of us does well – we all benefit because there are more jobs and more money and more customers and more sales. To fail to protect our investments in businesses and homes and vehicles is to risk the wealth of us all.


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