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How to get your property noticed
Updated on: June 15, 2022, 1:58 a.m.
Published on: August 3, 2018, 7:47 a.m.

How to get your property noticed

Many of us take out a loan, invest a significant amount of time and money to getting our property perfect for making a solid income.


We know that once the loan is paid off by the monthly rentals, the income that the property generates will be the ticket to larger projects and bigger balances. The majority of property owners seek the services of a reputable real estate agency to sell their property, others will seek out potential tenants through their private networks and thousands more will decide to market their property on hausples.com.pg.

The common thought is - that to sell a property you simply take clear pictures of the yard, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and advertise the features and the cost per week or month. Sometimes listings are there for months without a concrete lead and the vacancy continues for digging a bigger hole in your pocket repaying that loan.

To avoid a prolonged vacancy period and to get that price you desire, you must make your property not only as attractive as possible but there is certain information that tenants want to see straight away to convince them that your property is the best value for their money. Here are 5 tips to making sure you get your property noticed as soon as you list.

1. Pictures Sell

There are many things that you could say about your property to make it sound like the dream house or unit but if you don’t have the pictures to show people what you’re boasting about - you are wasting your words and time. You should have at least 10 clear, high resolution images of your property showing the bathroom/s, kitchen and living area, the rooms, any featured room (eg. Laundry area, study or library, entertainment room etc), the properties best front and back yard views. Images should be less than 150kb so that they don’t load too slowly on our PNG networks.


2. Details matter

One thing that makes searching for an ideal place to buy or rent more frustrating is when you only have half of the information you need in order to make your decision! To make your property stand out - give as much information as possible about it. In your description you should ensure that all spelling and grammar is correct, then you must make clear:

a) The layout of the property (square meters, number of rooms, bathrooms, toilets etc)

b) Name of the suburb and street the property is located on - Hausples offers a google map that you can pinpoint your property on.

c) Describe all amenities (fully furnished with white and brown goods, backup electricity & water, aircon, pool, bbq area, gym, tennis court, bar etc), names of nearby schools or shops or any other feature that makes the area enticing

d) Clearly describe any recent improvements

e) If you have recently renovated the bathroom or have had the kitchen retiled etc it is eye catching to have this mentioned along with a photograph


3. Describe security status

People that are new to the area and especially expatriates want to know how safe the neighborhood is, make sure that state what security features you provide on your property, what security features are in the vicinity of the property and generally describe the neighbourhood clearly.

4. State the costs clearly

At Hausples we display rentals at per week price, to make sure you get the quality of tenants you want you should list the weekly rental, the bond required and how much (if any) is refundable. If there are any other further costs let your potential tenants know when they inquire.

5. Make rules clear

To avoid any issues between you and your tenant it is really good to make clear any restrictions you put on your property. If you do not allow alcohol or pets or in the PNG context betelnut - make sure potential tenants are aware from the start

The above tips will help you get your property noticed and bring in more inquiries so you will get that tenant renting at the price you want or that buyer purchasing at the price you desire. It is also extremely vital that you protect your investment and have your property and its contents valued by a registered valuer and insured by a quality insurance firm. If you would like to make queries on getting your rental property and its contents insured you can Click Here to get in touch with Trans Pacific Assurance Limited.

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