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A New Era of Living In Bramell Street Downtown Port Moresby
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:07 p.m.
Published on: February 13, 2021, 5:10 p.m.

A New Era of Living In Bramell Street Downtown Port Moresby


There’s something unique about Bramell Street in Ela Beach, where everything is within reach; where life is a little bit different, rejuvenated and finer than before. It is a neighborhood built on vision, sound planning and manifestation of dreams.

Welcome to the Ela Beach Tower, forged upon more than just a residential destination. Where life and lifestyles transcend expectations seamlessly, this 16-storey gamut of three and two bedroom luxury apartments individually cater to a new design and a new way of life, alongside remnants of high profile business offices, It’s a new era of living in Bramell Street, downtown Port Moresby.

Ela Beach Tower is a testimony to Kenmore Group of Companies’ efforts to tap into the ever-evolving real estate industry, and raise the bar of luxury and convenient apartment living in an urban location.

With its close proximity to popular attractions, recreational centers and a stunning waterfront location, Ela Beach Tower offers a comfortable environment on the back of joyful experiences that are in sync with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Residents have it all

From outstanding amenities to breathtaking balcony views, Ela Beach Tower residents have it all. Better still, these luxury apartments individually cater to the needs of their residents, while embracing a vibrant, urban lifestyle.

For the corporate client - these residences tend to speak the language of a corporate style of living, welcoming you home to a whole new window of possibilities; where “old fashion” is a foreign language, and "new" and “spectacular” are the residential jargons.

The 2 bedroom apartment

The two bedroom apartment is translated into an internal duplex with ensuite, a gourmet kitchen idealized by hanging lights and modern appliances, open-plan living room, and a study that’s appreciative of the picturesque city and sea view surroundings.

The 3 bedroom apartment

Nothing screams well-balanced better than Ela Beach Tower's three bedroom apartment, which is accentuated by everything exhilarating, to begin with. 

The three bedroom apartment is a step ahead of itself in terms of an additional single bedroom with its own study - apart from the master bedroom and the other single bedroom without study - a gourmet kitchen that’s reassured with an island to give more spin on its hanging lights and modern appliances, while an unwavering command of the panoramic views from the private balcony, look on.


Popular attractions

Ela Beach Tower is just steps away from the iconic APEC Haus, Ela Beach, BSP Town and the Ela Beach Crafts Market Shopping Mall. 

Apartment amenities

All that’s symmetrical in each apartment configuration are the floor-to-ceiling windows, luminax flooring, spacious living room, in-door laundry, designer’-choice master bedroom, and a 24 hour security intercom in line with an integrated camera system.

Whether you’re enjoying the tropical weather touring the beachfront, observing water-based activities, or brunching under the shades, this is a locality that gets locals involved in a vibrant and energized landscape.

Needless to say, if sweeping views, creative imaginations, and “in a league of your own” means anything to you, then you will love the Ela Beach Tower Apartments.

About Kenmore Group of Companies

The Kenmore Group of Companies is a sleeping giant, as it is one of the largest and most diversified groups of companies ever to be in operation in Papua New Guinea.

With more than 1400 employees, 93% of which are PNG citizens, in command of a sales spectrum worth K430 million annually, this multinational mammoth is a force to be reckoned with.

The Kenmore Group of Companies is a scion of a merger between the original Kenmore Group of Companies and a similar diversified group known as The Dylup Group of Companies, back in 1991.

Today, the rejuvenated Kenmore Group of Companies oversees twelve distinct operations, spread across seven unique divisions found in Port Moresby, Lae, Tari, Mount Hagen and Kokopo.

Kenmore's ongoing success is a testimony of sound business strategies, dedication, and manifesting a vision into reality. Kenmore Group of Companies thrive on: 

  • Quality goods and reliable customer service at competitive prices.
  • Enjoyable work environment for employees.
  • Healthy financial growth and stability.
  • Adding economic value to investors' funds.

 For further information you can get in touch with us on [email protected], or call +67574700243.