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BSP Personal Loan to rescue this Christmas!
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:07 a.m.
Published on: December 13, 2014, 5:24 p.m.
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BSP Personal Loan to rescue this Christmas!

Well it’s come to that time of the year again where we’re all called to care and share more. As exciting as the festive season may be, it doesn’t come quite cheaply. But before you get all worked up into a frenzy about digging deeper into your pockets, Bank South Pacific (BSP) is here to save the day with its products focus of the month.
That is, the Personal Loan and the Savings Secured Loan (SSL).


BSP’s two products are beneficial during this time of merriments as they offer Papua New Guineans a chance to save while at the same time splurge. Be it giving your loved one a thoughtful gift or organising a memorable trip for your family this Christmas, the Savings Secured Loan and Personal Loan have got you covered. These two products have different features but what sets them apart from other loans is that they have been developed to assist Papua New Guineans in saving.

BSP Savings Secured Loan

The notion behind the Savings Secured Loan is to secure one’s nest egg by borrowing against it. For example, let’s say you have been putting aside money into your savings account but then an urgent family emergency arises. You don’t have any cash on hand except the kina in your savings account. Instead of going straight to the bank and withdrawing all that money, you can acquire a loan that is twice the amount of your savings. Your savings will then be used as collateral during the period of the loan. As an example, if have saved K 600 and would like to obtain a loan under the Savings Secured Loan, you would then be eligible for a loan of K 1,200.

The beauty about the loan is that you can earn a higher interest while paying off the loan at a sound rate. Other benefits of it include a quick turnaround time, fast disbursement, a competitive interest rate and same day approval of 24 hours. As for the requirements to apply for the a Savings Secured Loan, it is quite simple really. You would need to be a BSP customer with a regular income who’s displayed a savings pattern over a period of time in either a BSP Kundu or Plus Savers accounts.

Now that we have established the gist of the savings secured loan, you’re probably thinking that it does not get any better than this. Well, you would be wrong because the Personal Loan is also a cause for celebration!

BSP Personal Loan

BSP’s Personal Loan is pretty much self-explanatory. Basically, you can get a loan for whatever personal reasons you may have. Whether you need to purchase a headstone for a relative who’s passed away or you need to lend financial assistance to a bride price, the Personal Loan will be of great aid to you. Apart from its flexibility of purpose, the Personal Loan requires minimal documentation and no security whatsoever.

The plus side of the Personal Loan is that it does not call for security. Therefore, you do not need to provide any collateral. Like the Savings Secured Loan, the Personal Loan’s eligibility criteria are verified by BSP depending on an applicant’s income, credit history (in terms of any other loans acquired by the applicant) and repayment history. As far as any other loans offered out there, BSP’s Personal Loan and Savings Secure Loans are trump cards. So if you’re concerned about saving a lot of Kina but do not want to touch your savings this festive season then head on out to your nearest BSP branch!

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