Touaguba Hill Paradise

Sillot Ave, Touaguba Hill, Port Moresby, NCD

80Occupancy Rate?
100Construction Progress?
2017Completion Year

Living in Paradise - Luxury Apartment Buildings

One of the newest developments in Port Moresby, Touaguba Hill Paradise (THP) boasts the highest point on the well-known Touaguba Hill giving it breath taking views of the CBD, sea and iconic Ela Beach. Touaguba Hill Paradise comprises of 3 Buildings with of a total of 113 units with ample parking space for vehicles. Whether you choose to stay in a one (1) bedroom apartment for the young couple to a three (3) bedroom apartment for the busy family, these lavish units bring luxurious living while still maintaining the comfort of a home setting.

A perfect location where business centers, first-class hotel and a large neighbourhood that comprised of unique blend of residential and commercial area are situated, such as large shopping supermarkets, post office, bank, schools and yacht club. The city of Port Moresby unfolds from the doorway of Touaguba Hill Paradise. Experience the astonishing views that features notable landmarks in the area including Ela Beach and Harbour City.

"Touaguba Hill Paradise reflects the passion of art, design and architectural from inside and out; living with its unique and charming atmosphere"