3 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment for Rent in Ela Beach Tower

Ela Beach Tower


ELA BEACH TOWER- Kenmore Properties

If sweeping views, creative imaginations, and “in a league of your own” means anything to you, then Ela Beach Tower Apartments is your landing pad.

Located at the edge of Bramell Street which connects with the Ela Beach Road, Ela Beach Tower is just steps away from the iconic APEC Haus, Ela Beach, BSP Town and the Ela Beach Crafts Market Shopping Mall. Whether you’re enjoying the tropical weather touring the beachfront, observing water-based activities, or brunching under the shades, this is a locality that gets locals involved in a vibrant and energized landscape.

The three bedroom apartment is translated into an internal duplex with ensuite, a gourmet kitchen idealized by hanging lights and modern appliances, open-plan living room, and a study that’s appreciative of the picturesque city and sea views.