3 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment for Rent in Ela Beach Tower

Ela Beach Tower


ELA BEACH TOWER- Kenmore Properties

Located at the edge of Bramell Street which connects with the Ela Beach Road, Ela Beach Tower is just steps away from the iconic APEC Haus, Ela Beach, BSP Town and the Ela Beach Crafts Market Shopping Mall. Whether you’re enjoying the tropical weather touring the beachfront, observing water-based activities, or brunching under the shades, this is a locality that gets locals involved in a vibrant and energized landscape.

Nothing screams well-balanced better than the three bedroom apartment, which is accentuated by everything exhilarating, to begin with. The three bedroom apartment is a step ahead of its relative in terms of an additional single bedroom with its own study - apart from the master bedroom and the other single bedroom without study - a gourmet kitchen that’s reassured with an island to give more spin on its hanging lights and modern appliances, and an unwavering command of the panoramic views from the private balcony.

All that’s symmetrical in each apartment configuration are the floor-to-ceiling windows, luminax flooring, spacious living room, in-door laundry, designer’-choice master bedroom, and a 24 hour security intercom with an integrated camera system.