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Tourism in Papua New Guinea
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:29 a.m.
Published on: October 19, 2021, 2:07 a.m.

Tourism in Papua New Guinea

Tourism in PNG attracts an increasing number of visitors annually, who visit the diverse landscape and culture that Papua New Guinea has to offer. From wildlife, nature hikes, and some spectacular diving, there is a range of excellent tourist destinations in PNG including Port Moresby, and provincial destinations.

Within Port Moresby

Port Moresby Nature Park

The Port Moresby Nature Park is home to some of PNGs most popular wildlife, many of which are endangered species and unique to PNG. These include the Tenkile Tree Kangaroo and PNG’s national bird, the Raggiana Bird of Paradise.

Formerly the Port Moresby Botanical Gardens, the park is also home to a variety of PNGs unique flora, spread over 30 hectares. It is a popular recreational destination for families and is in high demand for special events such as weddings. Amenities include ‘hauswins’ (garden houses), barbecue facilities, and a café.

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Adventure Park - Port Moresby

The Adventure Park has similar amenities and attractions to Nature Park. Spread across well-kept grounds and gardens, the Adventure Park is home to domesticated farm animals, Victoria Crowned pigeons, tree kangaroos, wallabies, a saltwater crocodile, Birds of Paradise, and a collection of other animals. Adventure Park is a 20-minute drive from Port Moresby on Sogeri Road.


Within Driving distance of Port Moresby

Beaches near Port Moresby

All along the PNG Central Province coastline, there are some beautiful beaches to visit.

There are various popular beach spots on Magi Highway and Napa Napa Road, not more than an hour’s drive in both directions. These often have a small resort or clubhouse attached nearby. There is also Taurama Bay with numerous beaches and some good surfing options.

Other excellent beaches to look out for include March Girls Resort with its black sandy beach, Konebada Resort (which offers island fishing trips), Sunset Lodge, Boera, and Tutu Beach Resort.

An island charter to beautiful islands, such as Fisherman’s Island, just off the coast of Port Moresby is also possible via the PNG Game Fishing Club’s 70-foot passenger boat. Bookings are made with the Yacht Club.

Walking / Hiking in PNG

The best hiking in PNG is no doubt in the hinterlands of Sogeri, less than an hour from Port Moresby.

The Sogeri Plateau has some of the most beautiful scenery which can be enjoyed from several picnic spots. This is also the Central Province end of the famous Kokoda Trail, used by allied troops during WWII, and is PNGs most popular hiking tourist attraction.

Some small Port Moresby-based groups organise weekend hikes over the provincial border into the Oro Province, or offer shorter walks within Sogeri. Motels at Sogeri also offer hiking and camping trips.

Variarata National Park

Port Moresby’s only national park is Variarata, located in Sogeri. Visitors can take bush walks, engage in bird watching and encounter local wildlife. Numerous look-outs offer breathtaking views of the Central Province and Port Moresby, while picnic facilities provide a great option for a family day outing.

Loloata Island

This luxury cashless island resort is one of the highest-ranking in Oceania, with high-class dining and accommodation.

Located 45 minutes by car from Port Moresby on the Magi Highway, visitors leave their vehicles at Tahira and board a ferry to Loloata Island. The area is also a marine reserve with mangrove sanctuaries and offers 29 dive sites at the edge of the Papuan Barrier Reef.

Provincial Destinations in PNG

Tawali Resort

Milne Bay has some of the best diving and beaches in Papua New Guinea, and Tawali Resort is undoubtedly an excellent location to enjoy these. Located at the southeastern most tip of Papua New Guinea’s mainland, and 90 minutes out of Alotau Town, the resort offers fishing, hiking, land and island tours showcasing the province’s culture and warfare history.



Another top diving destination, Tufi’s location and setting provide for great diving all year round.

Situated within tropical fjords, surrounded by rainforest-covered mountains and panoramic ocean views, Tufi offers a unique blend of the best landscapes and scenery in PNG.