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Renting in PNG with a pet; a furry guide!
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:22 a.m.
Published on: June 25, 2014, 3:17 p.m.

Renting in PNG with a pet; a furry guide!

Renting In PNG With Your Best Friend
The Hausples.com.pg team absolutely love our pets – check-out the photo of little Asha below!

We all know that renting with pets is a challenge. A challenge for you the renter, to convince your friendly PNG real estate agent to allow you to secure the rental property. But just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean that you can’t be a pet owner. Lots of people are own pets and rent, whether your looking for an apartment in Port Moresby or townhouse in Lae, having a pet and renting is achievable!

Here’s an insiders guide to getting your favourite furry friend into your new PNG rental home.


Be Open About Your Ostrich

Nowadays, most PNG rental agreements have clear outlines about whether or not pets are allowed and if so, what types of pets are allowed. It’s important that you’re honest and upfront when you first meet with the real estate agent or landlord. Sometimes, landlords have been known to bend their rules if they feel confident that a renter will do a thorough job in caring for an cleaning up after their pet. For example, a building that only allows cats might permit a small dog, provided that they trust the renter.


Pony Up For Your Pony

Generally, renters with pets will end up paying more than those that do not have pets. This added payment can come in the form of either an additional security deposit, an increased monthly rental, or both. If you love an apartment but are concerned that your pesky pooch won’t be accepted by the real estate agent, you should offer pay a little more to get your application accepted. An extra amount of bond will put the landlord at ease, as they know they can clean up any extra mess that is left by your pet at the end of the lease.

If you are renting in PNG, always remember that the agreement is open to negotiation. Sometimes people with pets need to grease the wheels of commerce just a little more to secure a rental property.


Have References For Your Raccoon

Most real estate agents in PNG will seek prior rental references. A top tip is to get references from past landlords or real estate agents from whom you rented a property and kept a pet. Even offer to put the real estate agent in touch with the prior landlord or agency. If you do this, the agent and landlord will have know that the pet didn’t damage the last property that you lived in and have confidence you will keep their property in the same condition.

If you are applying for a fully furnished house or apartments (as many properties are in Port Moresby) and own a cat, you might also provide documentation from your vet confirming stating that your cat has been de-clawed. Cats with claws can easily destroy couches and similar soft furnishings, and also hardwood floors. If you’re opposed to declawing, an alternative might be rubber claw covers. If you would like to speak to a good quality about options for your cat, please contact the Papua New Guinea RSPCA.


Consider Your Pet When Choosing Your Pad

Cats function just fine in one bedroom apartments. German Shepherds, on the other hand, are miserable in cramped spaces. If you have a large dog, a one bedroom apartment or a studio is simply not a viable option. You’ll need at least a two bedroom unit that preferably has access to a yard.

So when selecting a pad bear in mind your pet!


Renting now? Rethink That Rhinoceros

Many people renting in PNG will move into a space without a pet, get a dog or cat and then buy a pet and never notify their real estate agent about it. This might seem like a great way to save yourself money and hassle, but it’s ultimately a horrible idea. If your agent or landlord finds out that you’ve gotten a pet without notifying them, they can easily say that you have breached the terms of your rental agreement and immediately evict you.

To be safe, always notify you’re real estate agent or landlord before you bring a new pet into your home.


Write-up Your Wren

If you’ve gotten a pet and have renegotiated the terms of your rental agreement accordingly, be sure to get the new agreement in writing. This way, you’re protected in the event that your real estate agent argues that they never agreed to yourfurry new addition to your home.


Keep Your Nest Neat

The most important part of renting in PNG with a pet is to pick up after your animal and go the extra mile to take care of your rental home. This means routinely cleaning the litter box, vacuuming fur and all other pet-related cleaning tasks. When you move out, be sure to clean the property thoroughly. This will ensure that you get the entirety of your security deposit back, in addition to a positive reference from your real estate agent when you go to apply for future apartments.