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How to decorate a PNG apartment on a budget!
Updated on: June 23, 2022, 6:20 a.m.
Published on: August 3, 2014, 4:02 a.m.

How to decorate a PNG apartment on a budget!


Interior design inspiration for PNG apartment dwellers on a budget
Let’s be honest, the massive housing shortage in the major cities of Port Moresby and Lae mean that many people live apartments or very small houses. Plus, housing is very very expensive, so we can’t all spend lots Kina on our interior furnishings. This is the Hausples.com.pg guide to decorating your apartment without blowing your budget. Enjoy!
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Elevated Storage

When you are running out of space to stash things, the best thing that you can do is to look up!

Remember that when you choose to fill a wall with shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling, you are drawing the eye every upwards, stretching the space that you can see. If you can’t put up shelving, you can definitely put in a new cabinet or a bookshelf that will serve the same purpose.

Remember that bikes don’t need to be cluttering up your hallway. You will find that a wall rack or even a ceiling rack can help you heave your bike out of the way.


Tiniest Foyer

When you want more space, you can force it by creating a formal foyer in your apartment.

Put a small bookshelf next to the door where you come in. This gives you a place to stash things. When you want to make it fancy, paint it, add a decal or add a few hooks underneath for hanging hats. This creates a very welcoming effect that will allow your PNG apartment to stay tidy.


Reflections, Reflections

Are you ready to see a lot more of yourself? Mirrors reflect light and space, and if you put a large mirror on the wall directly opposite a light source, you’ll brighten up the whole place.


Vivid Colors Everywhere

While you can paint your apartment, that is not always possible in some buildings, this is especially true if you are renting your PNG apartment.

Instead of using paint, think about looking into wall decals that can be easily and painlessly applied to your walls and then removed when you leave. These decals come in all shapes and sizes, and they are perfect for all rooms.

Do you love flowers? What about birds, or trees, or famous sayings? You can find decals of them all.

Another way to add color is to make sure that you chose brightly colored furniture for a pop of red, gold or blue.


Tricking the Eye With Drapery

Unfortunately not all of us can live in a high-end apartment in Port Moresby with spectacular views over the harbour. If your PNG apartment suffers from small windows that look out onto nothing very interesting at all,  consider hanging colourful and interesting drapes that take up the entire wall instead.

Hang up both inner drapes and outer drapes, and while the former remains closed, open the latter just a little bit. This creates the illusion of floor to ceiling windows, and you’ll be surprised how effective this trick is when it comes to creating a larger space.


Divide It Up

If you are living in a small space, it might feel strange for you to divide it up even further. The truth is that room dividers let you understand your space for what it really is. Put up a dividing wall if you are allowed to do so, but if you are renting, things like screens, tall bookcases, shelving and even couches can help you divide your large room into smaller areas, each with their own purpose and decorating options.


Usable Kitchen Space

A small kitchen can be a real problem, so that is why you need to look into more counter space. A small kitchen island goes a long way towards creating the space you need.


Light It Up

Under-cabinet LED lights keep your kitchen and your storage areas bright and bold. Consider lights that operate on batteries and that can simply be stuck to the areas where they are needed.


Au Natural!

If you are luck enough to have an outdoor place, dress it up. Cover up your tired railings with bamboo screens or interesting latices, put down some outdoor carpeting, or even create a gardening table that lets you take advantage of the sun. Even a little fake greenery on your balcony can change the look of the place.

When you are living in a small space and you want to give it a whole new look for very little money, get creative. This is something that can create an amazingly impressive change, so get to work!