10 Bed, 4 Bath House for Sale in Gordons

Section 90 Lot:12 Heano Drive, Gordons, Port Moresby, NCD

Sale priceK2,250,000
2Floor Level


This property is now selling at a reduced price of K2.7mil. Excellent opportunity for investment. It has the following features;

1. 3 bedrooms upstairs with very spacious bedrooms and living room. Huge and spacious kitchen. Aircondition in living room and all bedrooms. Fully furnished with brown and white goods.

2. 3 bedrooms downstairs fully furnished and currently rented by corporate clients

3. Standalone 2 bedroom unit on the same block. Fully furnished with brown and white goods. Currently rented by corporate clients.

4. Bed sitter on the same block. Currently rented.

You will not regret securing this property as it is in a prime location with respective neighborhood. Very peaceful environment and close to all amenities.

Downstairs unit is renting at K3033 per month and same for the 2 bedroom. Bedsitter is renting at K700 month. So the currently total monthly income is K6,766. However whoever buys the house can set their own rates. Previously we were renting downstairs for K1200 per week and 2 bedroom unit at K1000 per week. However due to current economic trend we had to be fair with the tenants.