Iagamaga Estate

8 mile, Port Moresby, NCD

Affordable Housing at Iagamaga Grove Estate

Iagamaga Grove Estate

Project ID 10675

Iagamaga Grove Estate is an affordable housing development located off the Hubert Murray Highway, 9 Mile, close to the Police Training College, a 20 minute drive outside of Port Moresby.

The estate has 410 allotments of land for sale, which is for offer on an affordable land and home package each with a clear individual title. Each allotment is between 450 to 550 square metre (and has a land price value of K195,000), each being full fenced with a quality home under construction. The first 50 homes are expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

The estate is a fully fenced and gated community with 24 hour security. It will feature a fully maintained recreational park, lawns and gardens as well as rubbish and recycling facilities.

There are four types of house to choose from, which will suit individual needs and budgets:


Type: 3 bedroom

Size: 85sqm

Price: K450,000.00


Type: 4 bedroom en-suite

Size: 117sqm

Price: K495,000.00


Type 3 bedroom en-suite


Price: K485,000.00


Type: 3 bedroom en-suite

Size: 98sqm

Price: K455,000.00