Badili, Port Moresby, NCD
Badili, Port Moresby, NCDBadili, Port Moresby, NCD

3 Bed, 3 Bath Apartment for Sale in Badili

Badili, Port Moresby, NCD

approx K1,700,000.00

3 bedroom apartments for pre-sale, Badili, Port Moresby. International Elite Apartment!

Situated along the Sir Hubert Murray Highway, the Seaview International Gardens, embrace the Walter Bay and Strategically under construction on a inclination,will provide every unit of the 100+ international apartments unobstructed panoramic sea-views.

The spectacular sea-view coupled with the vibrant landscapes and modern international architecture of the SIG is a must for those who appreciate the quality of life and the smart investor.

The Seaview International Gardens speaks for itself, imagine yourself gazing at the Walter Bay, whether at dusk or dawn, you will enjoy a feeling of fulfillment, relaxation, feelings only a true home can give you.

Come and experience the atmosphere, the lifestyle of SIG, even if you are an investor, just think of the long line of tenants wanting to be part of this magnificent community and what it has to offer.