in just simple 5 steps
  • 1Understand insurance options
  • 2Choose the right cover
  • 3Meet the criteria
  • 4Choose the right insurer
  • 5Visit the insurer
  • =Apply for a cover
Insurance Partners
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About Insurance

Purchasing property is a notable achievement and a significant commitment for many individuals. Often, a property is considered the most valuable asset one can own. As a result, an increasing number of property owners are understanding the importance of insuring their assets. Insurance policies covering both home and its contents are vital in providing financial assurance against unforeseen circumstances like accidents, natural calamities, theft, or damage to the property and belongings. Hausples collaborates with leading insurance companies in Papua New Guinea, offering easy access to a variety of insurance solutions for property owners. This page is designed to inform about the type of covers available and aims to guide you in establishing a direct connection with your preferred insurance provider to receive comprehensive information and support.

Start by selecting an insurance option

Home Insurance
Home Insurance provides coverage for the physical structure of your home. It typically includes protection against various risks such as fire, lightning, storms, and vandalism. In the event of a covered loss, the insurance helps with the repair or reconstruction of your home, providing financial security for homeowners.
Contents Insurance
Contents Insurance offers coverage for the personal belongings and possessions inside your home. This type of insurance protects items like furniture, electronics, jewellery and other valuable items from theft, damage or loss due to events covered by your policy. It provides financial reimbursement or repair of these items, ensuring your valuables are protected.

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