Rosewood Apartments

Oct. 4, 2018, 8:10 a.m.

According to sentiments expressed in the 2018 PNG Real Estate Survey, most that are involved in the real estate market believe that now is the best time to be investing in purchasing property.

There are many things that one needs to consider when making an investment like purchasing property. Security, backup electricity and water, proximity to amenities, property features and aesthetics are some aspects of a property that one considers when making an investment decision.

One of the most irresistible property’s, located in a secure, gated compound with fantastic views and in prestine condition, and a mere 5 minute drive to several appealing amenities is Rosewood Apartments in the Savannah Heights Compound, along Waigani Drive.



Most people know how great a place Waigani is. This is indicated clearly by the results of the 2018 Real Estate Survey with a quarter of the total respondents stating Waigani as the most desirable suburb to live in.

For expatriates and newcomers - Waigani is not only the seat of the government of PNG but is also the suburb with the MOST things to do as a family or individually. For an individual or a group that is searching for a sound investment this is a must not to miss opportunity!

The Rosewood Apartments are within a ten minute driving radius of several key government offices, the Waigani business district, Vision City Mega Mall and the Stanley Hotel & Suites, Holiday Inn Hotel and leisure centres and the Lamana Hotel and entertainment centres with restaurants and bars. Within this suburb is also Port Moresby Nature Park, the National Museum, the National Parliament, the Sir John Guise complex and several corporate and non-governmental organizations headquarters.


Front View

The Rosewood Apartments are one of the newest developments in the nation’s capital. The four storey building allows each of the 10 three bedroom units to have an opulent 155 sqm of floor space; with each room having an ensuite bathroom. The liberal parking space, plus a Bistro and Cafe within the captivating Savannah Heights grounds making the Rosewood Apartments extremely attractive for the higher end and expatriate market.

Kitchen and Dinning Area

Rosewood conveys a pleasant loft feeling thanks to its generosity in open space planning throughout the units, making them ideal for corporate tenancy. The high quality furnishings, including brown and white goods, ensure modern day convenience.

Bed Room

With each apartment offering a Master Bedroom and 2 bedrooms, each with their own private ensuites and large built-in wardrobes, Rosewood apartments offers a veritable oasis.

Backup Facilities

All apartments are tastefully decorated, fully furnished with white and brown goods and come with all modern conveniences installed, including access to the building by electronic card system; and backup electricity & water.


Do no miss out on this opportunity! With consistent occupancy, an annual revenue of over 1.9 million, plus all extras already provisioned for - what are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this solid investment, inquire today about the Rosewood Apartments.